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Oh, Hello! I’m Kari.

I am wife to a super-great man, and a step-mother of three awesome kids. They are all grown up and moved away now, so perhaps I feel way too much time on my hands and decided to start this blog!

I love mirrored side tables, small crystal chandeliers, and drinking ice water out of goblets. I’m up for a taste test at any time…(think: what is THE best chocolate/peanut butter candy out there? OR what is the best brand of vanilla ice cream in existence? — look around, you’ll find some serious contenders).

I love graphic design, baking, cooking, crafting, drawing and calligraphy. But my absolute favorite thing ever is to make something extra special and deliver it to someone who needs cheering up or could use a surprise gift {who couldn’t, really?}

I’ve had lots of trials lately, and when I forget that I am genuinely a happy person I say to myself: “Oh, but you have Sunshine In Your Pocket!” That cheers me up every time. I hope to share some sunshine with you that will just fill your days with smiles and joy (or at least pick you up when you’re feeling down). Won’t you let me know how I’m doing at that?