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Chocolate Covered Strawberries in Minutes


I love strawberries. And strawberries dipped in chocolate are even better! But I found that homemade chocolate covered strawberries are SO much better than any you buy in the store. And really, who wants to pay $8.00 for 4 little chocolate strawberries, anyway? (really, I checked the price yesterday while at the grocery store!)

So here’s an easy way to whip up a batch of delicious chocolate strawberries for your Valentine’s Day sweetie (or for yourself)!

First, you need strawberries. A couple large milk chocolate Symphony bars. And white chocolate chips. That’s all!

Wash your strawberries well. Put them on paper towels to dry. I usually let them air dry for a few hours while I’m working on something else. But if you get impatient like me, just take a paper towel and dry off those beauties…then set them on a dry paper towel to finish drying. Give them a few minutes. This part is important because water and chocolate DON’T mix. Believe me, it won’t be pretty.


Break up the symphony bars into a microwave-safe bowl. Put them in the microwave for just a couple minutes, stirring every 30 seconds. When the chocolate is completely melted, it is ready!


Now, just dip the dry strawberries in the chocolate, trying to get even coverage on all sides. Allow the excess chocolate to drip off, and then drag the bottom of the strawberry across the side of your bowl to remove any extra. Place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Repeat this process until you’ve covered all your strawberries.

I was able to cover about 60 strawberries with only 2 symphony bars.

Now, put a handful of white chocolate chips in a small ziploc bag and melt them in the microwave. Just put them in for about 30 seconds, then turn the bag over and put them in for another 30 seconds if needed. Smoosh the chocolate around in the bag to make sure it is fully melted. Then, snip of a tiny piece of the corner and drizzle the white chocolate over the strawberries.


It works best if you start to drizzle before you get to the strawberry, and allow the drizzle to keep going off the side of the strawberry. Make a few drizzles on each of the strawberries. Voila!

Now you have great looking strawberries in just a few minutes! Place the strawberries in the refrigerator to harden the chocolate before serving. Enjoy!



Aren’t they pretty? They will be a big hit!


May your days be filled with sunshine,
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